Transport us forward

Nevertheless, alas, I think you’ve been lying back, closing your eyes and thinking of England a little too much.

I suggest you click back to modern-day Perth, Western Australia, don your hat and go for a ramble through North Lake, admiring as you go the orchids, paperbarks and banksias, taking care not to tread on any bobtails or tiger snakes.

After that, I hope you will be refreshed enough to have clarity: there will always be traffic congestion in cities and, yes, sometimes we need to build roads to accommodate this.

However, we now know, as the Romans did not, how important it is to conserve a significant natural environment for the sake of its native plants and animals, for its historical and cultural value and for our own mental and physical wellbeing.

No Roe 8 or Roman roads here, thanks mate.

Kind regards from an erudite antipodean Luddite.