Two storeys wise

WHEN Striker Indoor Sport centre closes, where will all these players go to get their recommended minimum 30 minutes of physical activity every day?

Being physically active has lots of health and social benefits. The City of Melville is investigating a number of solutions to maximise the use of its limited sporting reserves and to cater for the growing number of sports players into the future.

By transforming Striker into a four-storey, 87-units building the council is increasing the population of the area greatly and removing a vital amenity. The existing users of Striker and residents of the new building will have to locate to another venue for sport and recreation.

This will lead to an over use of Marmion Reserve. However, Mayor Russell Aurbrey said in an article “Fields of Dreams in Melville” published in February this year: ‘The over use of our playing fields is even more difficult because of the extreme dry conditions in Perth and a rapidly growing population, so we have had to face the reality that, as things stand today, the City is not in a position to cater for future growth’.

Therefore, why are we building such a population-dense structure without supporting amenities?

Surely, it is wise to reduce the development to a much more moderate level of two storeys, which is in keeping with a peaceful, liveable neighbourhood that is under pressure from a growing population. This decision does not make sense.

Brian Everett, Melville