Uphill struggle

I READ Suzanne Hanley’s letter in last week’s edition headlined ‘Stick to rules” regarding infill development with interest. I assure her that the problem is not confined to Attadale.

Like Suzanne, I also live in the City of Melville. With the blessing of the council, my neighbours are building two, two-storey dwellings on the block next door to mine. The problem for me is that I live on the side of a hill, and their property is uphill and to the north of mine.

To accommodate my neighbours’ desire to amalgamate their property with another one even further up the hill, the council has allowed them to bring in a considerable amount of fill.

So much fill, it turns out, that the ground floor slab of one of the dwellings is nearly as high as my ceilings.

While I thought this to be a bit excessive, the City did not. Obviously, I was being unreasonable.

The builders are extremely competent, and have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. This is just as well as I am anticipating quite a lengthy relationship because problems and delays have plagued the project.

They have not yet laid a single brick but have managed to erect a retaining wall along our boundary higher than was approved. They are allowed to continue building while the City considers an application for retrospective approval.

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