Wave park would change ambience of area forever

The proposed wave park in Alfred Cove.
The proposed wave park in Alfred Cove.

IN answer to a letter by Ben Dal Molin of Booragoon in last week’s edition for a wave park on the river foreshore at Alfred Cove, I am absolutely amazed at the minds of the Melville councillors to consider in any way the suitability of such a facility in that iconic position.

It would change the ambience of the area forever.

Not only is the bowling club being pushed out after 60 years; the surrounding ratepayers, Atwell House (artists’ hub), the world-class heritage bird sanctuary, indigenous concerns and the walking and biking enthusiasts using the river path will all be affected.

That is quite apart from the noise factor and traffic chaos that will occur.

I also have grandchildren but they could easily visit the beach – three kilometres away – or John Connell Reserve at Leeming (that apparently was suggested at some stage and is far more suitable).

Please leave the community present and in the future with this beautiful, calming space.

Life should not be ruled by the almighty dollar.