Wheel keeps turning

– What an utterly daft proposal to have an eyesore on a pristine river foreshore.

It’s a large financial commitment (for an uncertain return) because viability depend on tourist groups and the ferris wheel won’t be operated without sufficient numbers at any given time. Where will the numbers come from if not from groups? Locals cannot sustain such tourist dependent ventures.

Kings Park and Heathcote provide a much more memorable experience with their panoramas and their associated amenities.

Put this daft idea back in its box.

Hans Keil.

– Was this an April Fool’s joke? If so, I fell for it.

Kate Hamilton.

– Please spare us: a giant ferris wheel the size of the London Eye would be visual desecration of the natural landscape; that is what people go to Point Walter to enjoy.

This is not to mention all the cars and tourist buses flooding into what is a residential area.

We might add that there is already an apparently under-used ferris wheel on the Esplanade in Fremantle.

Garth and Gail Martin

– What a ridiculous idea to place a huge ferris wheel in an area of natural beauty. Why would any international visitor plan a visit because there is a ferris wheel here?

Who dreams up these crazy schemes?

Sheila Norris.