World in motion

Population numbers in adjoining local government areas will be around 300,000 in more than 30 years, but Melville will become stagnant at about 120,000.

This is almost as good as those of our State Government planners in the discussion paper Managing Growth in December, 1995, and the State Planning Strategy Draft in December, 2012.

Incidentally, not one academic anywhere in our many universities has ever investigated or considered an optimum city. Many mention the word reform. Reforms should improve the status quo, but do they?

The article does mention regular terms such as population growth and sustainability. In the former, the word excessive was omitted and the latter does not exist.

On Friday, August 29, I required 55 minutes on the Kwinana Freeway to travel 5.5 kilometres by car. That is clearly sustainable since the Minister for Transport told us last month ‘to get used to it’.

Now to the fear and stagnancy: the former is clear but the latter means without activity, interest or motion (perhaps Dullsville?)

There is no nation on this earth without motion. We are a global village and there are movements worldwide, legal and illegal ones. There are wars, famines, catastrophes, diseases, poverty and ethnic disagreements ” fuelled by ever-increasing people numbers.

I am sure the UN Commissioner for Refugees would gladly end a few hundred thousand in hope of a better life to the shepherd of a City in fear of stagnating.