Wrong growth

MY congratulations on your sub-editorial layout: four contributing readers� letters were well placed on page 8 in the July 14 issue.

They were dealing with a) costly, unsustainable infrastructure, b) a community service obligation of old (called postal services) is going to the dogs and reducing employment and c) ill-behaved, so-called professional tennis players who have not yet grown up but are given a slight slap on the wrist by Tennis Australia.

Reader Brad Capes sees it all and sums it up in the magic word: growth.

It is infinite as per our economists but there is no growth in liquid fuel supply, no growth in the postal services with announced labour reductions and no growth in human behaviour yet increasing loss of lives, respect and manners.

Nevertheless, we are urged to consume, to increase our apps, computerise more and research robotisation� leading to growth in unemployment for increasing numbers of jobseekers.