Bethanie’s customer focus the secret to aged care

Bethanie treats you as a friend, not a customer.
Bethanie treats you as a friend, not a customer.

BETHANIE knows feeling safe and happy in your own home can become more challenging as we get older.

Even our comfortable homes can become more lonely as we lose touch with friends or family.

It is nice to know that there is someone to call in case you need a hand or have an emergency.

That is why Bethanie treats you as a friend, not a customer, as they work with you to establish your needs and services.

“They do what the customer wants, not what the company wants,” Bethanie Home Care customer Valerie said.

That’s so important, to feel like you’re being listened to.”

For customer Peter, he found that life continued as it always had, even as his care needs increased over time.

From simple domestic help around the home, Peter gradually required more nursing care which he said was a smooth transition.

“Bethanie knows exactly what I’m talking about, sometimes before I do,” he said.

He said one time his carer showed up for her regular visit, only to instantly see that something was amiss with his right eye.

“She took me straight down to the doctors and we had the problem fixed there and then – I didn’t even realise anything was wrong, that sort of extra care is what I’ve found so valuable.”

Many Home Care customers find they look at their comfortable, familiar homes with a newfound tolerance as the things they worry about or seem insurmountable became manageable with an extra hand around the house.

Having the continuity of regular visits, social interaction and nursing care means many people are able to live happily in their homes for years after they expected to have moved out.

“At the end of the day, Bethanie has helped me feel safe at home,” said Valerie.

“That’s so important to me, they understand my needs, but want me to live my independent life and that suits me just fine.”