New boy in town at netball club, but coaches needed

Ethan Morley with teammates Kate Perejmibida and Jessica Fry.
Ethan Morley with teammates Kate Perejmibida and Jessica Fry.

The pioneering eight-year-old will be the only boy on his eight-member team ” and one of only a handful playing netball in the entire city ” but he’s not fazed.

‘Being the only boy doesn’t really bother me that much,’ Ethan, who also plays tennis and basketball, said.

‘I was a little bit worried at the start. I said I did want to play netball, then I didn’t want to play but now I want to play again. I’m not worried now, I’m just excited.

‘The kids at school know I’m playing and no one’s said anything, everybody thinks it’s great. I’m really looking forward to just playing with my friends and playing sport.’

Ethan, who watched his big sister play for years before deciding he wanted to join the fun, is one of 90 netballers who have signed up to play for the club this season, a 50 per cent jump from last year.

He has three schoolmates from Bicton Primary School on his team and they have already given him detailed instructions about how to play netball.

He said he had also closely studied the game while watching his 15-year-old sister, Jamie-Lee, and had already chosen his favourite position on the court.

‘I like all the positions but I think I’ll like centre the most,’ he said.

‘I like how netball’s interesting and I like the rules.’

Bicton Netball Club president Gavin Gabrielson said he had been thrilled with the number of nominations from players this season but was struggling to find coaches to lead all its 12 teams.

‘It’s fantastic as it makes the club stronger. However, with increased players and teams, we are left with a shortage of coaches,’ he said.

Mr Gabrielson said the club needed at least four more volunteer coaches to help out this season.

Coaches are offered a strong support program and development opportunities.

If anyone is interested in coaching at the club, call coaching co-ordinator Mandy Simonetti on 0449 882 170.