The one Mother’s Day present every Perth mum wants

We know what your mum wants for Mother's Day. Photo: iStock
We know what your mum wants for Mother's Day. Photo: iStock

IN lieu of running yet another Mother’s Day gift guide – you know, the sort of thing featuring all the latest in leg-shavers and hair dryers – we thought this year we’d go straight to the source.

We asked the mothers of Perth – aged between 25 and 50 – what they really wanted.

And every single one of them came up with a variation on the same theme: what they really want is time.

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Time for themselves, time to unwind, time to read a book and gather their thoughts.

It makes sense – in 2017, with lives highly pressured and busy, mothers are juggling more than ever before.

Sure, we found a few women who wanted tangible, actual gifts – but every woman surveyed seemed to pine for just a few more minutes to themselves next Sunday – breakfast in bed, or someone to cook dinner for them were a common refrain.

So here’s our survey to give you some ideas how to best pamper your mum this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14.


Breakfast in bed – cheap but effective.


I want my children to clean the house and cook dinner.


All I want for mother’s day is a bit of a sleep-in and to not have to change any poopie nappies! I love getting the handmade gifts too from day care – soooo cute.


I’ve asked for new workout tights and also breakfast in bed before my son’s soccer game.


I have always loved breakfast made at home, followed by lunch out and simple easy dinner made for me. Basically I don’t want to cook but I want to be fed all day! Perfect.


I’ll be in Bali, leaving my children with their father and heading off for a spa day.


All I want is a big bunch of white chrysanthemums, a spa/massage voucher and the day off cooking.


Time! I want some time to myself. To get a coffee, go to the gym, get my nails done, have a facial.


I love going to San Churro on Mother’s Day. It’s pure indulgence for chocoholics like me. The kids love it too. San Churro in Mandurah overlooks the estuary and is very picturesque. It’s the perfect way to spend time with my family on a lazy Sunday.


I love having special breakfast or lunch with my beloved kids and then enjoying some type of adventure with them. In years gone by this has been going to the beach, a playground, ten-pin bowling or the movies. This year we are going to see Matilda on closing week, the week prior to Mother’s Day, as special treat for me and the kids.


I have a fantastic partner who will happily give me a sleep in or a day of peace when I need it. I would love a day of no whinging, a bike ride somewhere pretty. For something a bit more tangible, whenever I go to Woolworths and Myer I look longingly at the cushy slippers with pink lovehearts and the soft, velvety pyjamas.