Pantomime will appeal

Students rehearse their play.
Students rehearse their play.

The play, Jungle Juice, was written by Queensland playwright Judith Prior.

Specialist drama program co-ordinator Kate Rogers said the premise was of a simple unsophisticated tribe�s reaction to the arrival of three people from the outside world.

�When the plane lands on the beach, out of fuel and hopelessly lost, the two rock stars and their press agent can only think of returning to civilisation,� she said.

Ms Rogers said the island had a severe male shortage and the natives were restless.

The play is satirical in nature and sends up everything to do with the jungle.

Guest appearances by such unlikely characters as a game hunter, two rock stars and a witch-doctor, a witch, Tarzan and Jane and Babaloo, the Island God are all on stage at some part of the script.

The play consists of an ensemble cast from years 9 to 12.

The show is at Swan View SHS performing arts theatre (parking off Weld Rd) on August 5, 7 and 8. All shows begin at 7pm.

Tickets $15 for adults and $10 concession. Book by emailing or by calling 9294 0184.