Stay in the loop with art

Bridget Norton and Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright.
Bridget Norton and Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright.

Artist Bridget Norton said the steel channels of her piece represented transportation such as the tracks, pathways, roads and rails, while the lights highlight the journey.

Tracks combines new technologies with age-old materials and conveys all these notions in an engaging, simple yet visually intriguing form – a perpetual loop of sinuous steel and travelling light,” she said.

“It is a strong cultural and spiritual metaphor for a cycle, regular repetition and a symbol of progress.”

The piece was installed under the City of Swan’s Per Cent for Art policy.

Mayor Mick Wainwright said the policy produced a continually growing public art collection throughout the City,” he said.

“Each of the artworks installed must reflect the unique characteristics of the place in which the development takes place.

“This can be related to the history of the area, the local community or the unique culture of the community.”

He said the policy meant developers were contributing to improving the local area.

Tracks is part of the Lloyd Street underpass project which improves connectivity north and south of the freight rail line.”