Always on the Hunt for a top picture

City of Swan acting chief executive Mark Bishop said the vehicle belonged to a contractor.

�The footpath sweeper picked up a cigarette butt yesterday, which ignited the materials in the back of the sweeper,� he said.

�The incident was reported immediately.

�People are reminded to always dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. Make sure it is fully extinguished before disposing of it and never throw a cigarette butt on the ground.�

It was one of the last photos Hunt took for Community Newspaper Group after a career spanning 55 years in three continents. Hunt is now retiring and sailing a yacht around Ireland for the European summer.

In his career he has worked for Associated Press, Express and Independent in Essex, The British Museum, The Daily News (WA), Sunday Independent, Western Mail, Western Farmer, Countryman, Farm Weekly, Irish Press, Evening Herald and Community Newspaper Group.