Artist’s first solo exhibition at Guildford Village Potters

Emerging artist Brent Stanley is excited ahead of his first solo exhibition in Guildford.
Emerging artist Brent Stanley is excited ahead of his first solo exhibition in Guildford.

DISNEY movies and nature are the inspiration behind emerging artist Brent Stanley’s first solo exhibition at the Guildford Village Potters.

The 20-year-old Bellevue resident said the exhibition would feature works he had produced at home and at the Disability in the Arts Disadvantages in the Arts (DADAA) Midland studio.

“When I was really young my nan would bring me movies,” he said.

“The first film we ever watched was A Bug’s Life and from then on I couldn’t get enough, ritualistically watching all the classic Disney films up until this day, never missing a new release.

“I love the magical and fairytale elements, especially when the princesses get all dressed up in their glamorous dresses and live happily ever after.”

It was while he was at Kalamunda Senior High School that Brent discovered his natural ability and talent for fine art.

In 2015 he started art workshops at DADAA, where he was able to explore and expand his skills.

In 2016 Brent was awarded a Nexus grant, funded by the Disability Services Commission, to work towards an exhibition to showcase his work.

“I have been mainly working with 2D mediums such as paint, pencil and texta, but recently discovered I have a natural talent and love for ceramics,” he said.

“I am excited and nervous ahead of my first exhibition and I am hoping one day to earn an income from selling my art.”

Nature vs Magic opens at the Guildford Potters on April 28 at 22 Meadow Street. It runs until May 28.

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