Calling it a Day: Liberal MP proud of achievements as Kalamunda seat representative

Former Darling Range and Kalamunda MLA John Day.|Picture: David Baylis   d466842
Former Darling Range and Kalamunda MLA John Day.|Picture: David Baylis d466842

AFTER living and breathing state politics for more than two decades, outgoing Liberal MP John Day says he is looking forward to listening to Beethoven, indulging in his love of photography and travelling.

Mr Day said he was proud of his achievements since he first dived into politics during his university days.

“When I started uni I was interested in the political process and having a say if I didn’t like the way things were being done,” he said.

“It was certainly very unusual to be interested in the Liberal Party during the mid-’70s on campus, but after I finished university I joined the Liberal Party in Darlington in 1983.”

When a vacancy for Liberal pre-selection in the Darling Range electorate came up ahead of the 1993 election, Mr Day threw his hat in the ring and was selected as a new, young face for the party. Mr Day said he came into power in the wake of the one of the worst political scandals ever to rock WA.

“The big political issue in the state was the fallout from WA Inc. under the previous Labor government,” Mr Day said.

“Locally there was strong opposition to urban development in Helena Valley, with residents concerned the urban front was encroaching on the Hills.”

Mr Day said he was proud of what he had achieved locally and on a state level over his 24 years as an elected Member of Parliament.

“I have been fortunate to have been a minister for an extended period in the health, planning, arts and emergency services portfolios under both the Court and Barnett governments,” he said.

“One of the hardest battles I’ve had is to ensure the WA Museum development stays alive in difficult financial times.

“In the east metro region being able to propose and get Cabinet support for relocating a major police facility to Midland in 1997 really was a catalyst for other development at the railway workshops site, which is now a hive of activity.

“It has been rewarding being involved in the transformation of Perth as a capital city from the revitalisation of the Perth Cultural Centre, Elizabeth Quay, the construction of the Perth City Link project and Yagan’s Square is underway.

“In the Kalamunda electorate, upgrading Kalamunda Senior High School, Kalamunda Hospital and securing government commitments for Kostera Oval and the Zig Zag Centre were also notable achievements.”

Mr Day said he was uncertain what the future would hold but continuing to make a contribution to the community was on the radar.

“In the short term I will be very happy to have a break, spend time with family and travel, with the Trans-Siberian rail journey one holiday on the list,” he said.

“The longest break I’ve had over the past 24 years is six weeks off in 2001 when the Liberal Party first went into opposition.”