Candidates aim to net votes: City of Swan

COUNCIL candidates in City of Swan are increasingly using social media to boost their campaigns but face-to-face contact remains the top campaign tool.

As the October 17 voting deadline draws closer, councillors are door-knocking, pamphlet-dropping and utilising social media to spruik their profile.

One candidate has hired a public relations company.

Social media for campaigns is one factor but nearly all candidates stressed pre-existing community involvement and openness was necessary.

One candidate said the campaigning process was overwhelming because there were so many opinions as to what is effective.

“A good balance of advertising, community connection and active participation in local issues is essential.”

“I believe that your previous community involvement sets a solid platform on which to build your campaign.”

Voter participation has dwindled recent years, with only 23.9 per cent of Swan ratepayers bothering to vote in the last election, compared to 2009 when 31.9 per cent voted

Of those voters, only about 5 per cent were in the 18-24 age group, while about 54 per cent were aged 55-plus.

The City of Swan had Youth Advisory Committees in the past but attendance diminished over time and the program eventually folded.