City of Kalamunda to investigate building fenced off dog area after rise in reported dog attacks

Kaye Smith of High Wycombe with Milly. Picture: David Baylis d480129
Kaye Smith of High Wycombe with Milly. Picture: David Baylis d480129

CITY of Kalamunda will investigate the viability of building a fenced off dog exercise area following complaints by residents about an increase in dog attacks.

So far this financial year the City has investigated 87 dog attacks on people and 84 dog attacks on animals.

High Wycombe resident Kaye Smith said she was too frightened to walk her pug Milly on the streets.

“I have spoken to a lot of people throughout Maida Vale, Forrestfield and High Wycombe who are worried about the ongoing trend for dog on dog attacks,” she said.

“I don’t want to walk Milly on the streets for fear another dog will attack her.

“Dog owners need a dedicated dog park with an area for small, large and anti-social dogs to be exercised independently in an area on their own.

“A park won’t stop irresponsible dog owners but when you can’t even walk your own dog on a leash in the street you really need a solution.”

At council on February 27, Councillor Dylan O’Connor successfully moved a motion requesting chief executive Rhonda Hardy investigate building a fenced dog exercise area near the David Street easement in Maida Vale.

“In recent months, I have been contacted by several community members who have complained there is no appropriate dog exercise area in the foothills,” he said.

“Federation Gardens and Jorgensen Park are not fenced off and they don’t offer any of the features found in other well-utilised dog exercise parks in Perth.”

Cr O’Connor said there were many dogs that spent most of the day confined, alone and inactive for most of the day.

“This lack of quality and regular exercise leaves dogs no outlet for their naturally active tendencies and it contributes to the development of behavioural problems,” he said.

“What they need are fenced off areas with training and play equipment designed to get the dogs, the owners and family members involved in the exercising of their pet.”

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