Claims council ducked debate

Cabernet Estate residents, angered by a decision that denied them the chance to fight a multi-dwelling development in the State Administrative Tribunal, said debate was also influenced by misinformation.

Resident Peter Adams said councillors David Fardig and Kevin Bailey, who argued for the development, were �condescending�, �aggressive� and �inaccurate� during debate.

�Councillors providing unanimous support were influenced by the inaccurate facts and misinformed in their voting,� he said.

Mr Adams said statements were made that other multiple dwelling developments existed in Viveash when they were in Midland and that all homes in the estate were two-storey, when they are not.

But Cr Fardig said councillors were always exhaustive in their research and consideration.

�I�m trying to get the community the best outcome I can get under our system,� he said. �They meet the State Planning guidelines; what are you going to do?�

�When you look at the scale of what the applicant was proposing, it�s no different to what the (neighbours) have.�

East Metropolitan MLC Alyssa Hayden said the decision to approve the multi-dwelling development was a sign the City needed to revisit its planning scheme. Ms Hayden said multi-dwelling developments and infill programs were suited to town centres and transport hubs, not outer suburbs.

�I hope the City will now look at this and realise it could be an ongoing issue and that they need to do a re-jig of their town planning scheme,� she said.