Close encounters of the cycling kind: video of astonishing near misses in Perth

VIDEO footage of cyclists and their astonishing near misses on the road has emerged from the Perth developers of an award-winning dash cam engineered to protect cyclists.

In one video (‘4WD road rage’) taken in the Perth Hills a motorist reverses his 4WD and deliberately swerves into two cyclists travelling in the opposite direction.

Another video (‘cement mixers are also subject to gravity’) shows a ute carrying an unsecured cement mixer pull out and do a u-turn in front of cyclists. As he speeds off the cement mixer falls off the ute in front of the cyclists.

One cyclist was lucky not to be knocked off his bike with incredible footage (close encounter with a large kangaroo) showing a large kangaroo just inches from connecting with the bike.

Cycliq executive chairman Chris Singleton said every cyclist had a story of a near miss.

“I ride up to 600km a week and have been on the receiving end of a whole gamut of stuff including being regularly jammed into the kerb at roundabouts and near misses with kangaroos down the Zig Zag,” he said.

“Possibly the worst near miss was when I was riding in the bike lane down in Freo and by sheer luck I looked behind me to see a truck with wood hanging off the side coming to take me out.”

As a motorist, Mr Singleton also witnesses cyclists behaving badly.

“Seeing cyclists ride three abreast on the road drives me bonkers and it is arguably more dangerous for the cyclist than the motorist,” he said.

“There are certain times of the day where I wouldn’t ride a bike with the classic example of Stirling Highway in peak hour. But there are cyclists who do it every day to prove a point.

“There are perfectly good roads either side where you can ride without copping grief.”

Mr Singleton called on motorists and cyclists to be responsible.

“My hope is that this new dash cam technology for cyclists will make people think twice before they inflict any sort of road rage behaviour on riders.”

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