Derelict wheat

The grain terminal in Elgee Road, Bellevue.
The grain terminal in Elgee Road, Bellevue.

In my opinion, the building has been disused and neglected for many years and is not fit for any purpose other than demolition.

This derelict building is vermin infested and polluted with chemical residue and is a complete scourge on the landscape and an eye-sore for the local community.

I also believe the cost of any reparation would be exorbitantly prohibitive and a total waste of taxpayer funds, not to mention the on-going expense to maintain the building.

It also has very little value for local residents who are starting to appreciate and enjoy the rejuvenation of Midland and Bellevue areas with the substantial infrastructure investment made by the Liberal-National Government.

I refer of course to the Great Eastern-Roe Highway Interchange project, Abernethy Road extension, the Lloyd Street underpass project, the new iconic SJOG Midland Public Hospital and, of course, the recently announced Curtin University Medical School to be housed within the Midland Railway Workshop site as well as the future planned new Midland City train station.

A much better use of the land in question would be for the continued future development of the Midland area to cope with the increase in population density.

As you will be aware, Planning Minister John Day recently announced the final Midland Master Plan that will guide the area�s development to accommodate the expected population growth towards 2031 and beyond.

Such development opportunities include the extension of the passenger electric rail line to Bellevue to create a new station east of Roe Highway as a �Park and Ride station� with 2000 car bays.

Plans are also being assessed to extend the line to the existing wheat silo site to develop a future rail car depot, which would free up prime land at Claisebrook.

Vacating the land where the current train station is located would open a large area of land for much-needed development, both residential and commercial.

These developments would, I believe, prove much better land use practice. I strongly encouraged the Minister for Heritage not to entertain State Heritage listing of the site but allow it to be demolished to make way for Midland�s future.