Domestic violence tea

Participants at the morning tea. Picture: Dean Tapper.
Participants at the morning tea. Picture: Dean Tapper.

These figures are so disturbing that police in Midland gathered to celebrate a special morning tea for family and domestic violence victims for White Ribbon Day.

Those gathered heard that domestic violence can include many types of behaviour or a threat, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse and intimidation, economic and social deprivation, damage to personal property and abuse of power.

The Australian Institute of Criminology reports that 36 per cent of all homicides take place in a domestic setting and 73 per cent of those involve a woman being killed by a male partner.

Australian Bureau of Statistics show one in three Australian women over the age of 15 report having experienced physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives.

The impact of violence against women is widespread and long-standing, generating profound personal, social and economic costs for individuals, communities and the nation.

In October 2013, WA Police attended 3696 CAD jobs in WA in relation to domestic violence, 883 of these were at flagged addresses.

Bakers Delight Swan View donated the morning tea for the participants who enjoyed Dean Tapper’s photographs and speeches by Superintendents Garry Cunningham and Tony Flack with Mick Emmanuel.