Don’t get busted in Perth’s bus lanes

Fines apply for driving in a bus lane illegally.
Fines apply for driving in a bus lane illegally.

THOUSANDS of motorists are flouting the law and driving in bus priority lanes illegally each day.

Transperth has launched an advertising campaign to remind motorists of keeping bus lanes free during sign-posted times.

The campaign warns drivers that if they get busted in the bus lane, they’ll be hit with a fine, as a Swan View resident was this week when leaving the airport.

In a 300-person survey, 17 per cent of people admitted to driving in designated bus lanes – an offence under the Road Traffic Code, which can attract a $100 fine and three demerit points.

Public Transport Authority spokesman David Hynes said about 8500 vehicles a day were recently identified as using bus lanes illegally on key roads such as Beaufort and Fitzgerald streets in Mt Lawley, and South Street in Bull Creek.

“Bus lanes are designed to make bus travel as efficient as possible for Transperth passengers who are doing the right thing by using public transport,” he said.

“The PTA has invested heavily in bus priority infrastructure – making existing roads work smarter, not harder – so it’s appropriate the lanes be monitored to ensure only appropriate vehicles use them.

“One bus can carry up to 100 passengers – while the average car carries one or two. That’s why it’s important buses are able to move easily in their designated lanes.

“Cars can drive in the bus lanes when they are not in use which, in most cases, means off-peak or, during peak times, for 100m before turning.

“It’s always important to check the signage as some lanes, such as those in Cedric Street, are full-time bus lanes.

“It’s also timely to remind motorists that buses have right of way as they come out of a bus stop or embayment, so cars should give way to them to allow them to stick to their schedule and get to where they need to go more efficiently.”

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