Emergency challenge

To combat the seasonal drop in donors, the blood service has partnered with emergency services across Perth to see which service can save the most lives by donating blood.

Staff and volunteers from WA Police, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, St John Ambulance and State Emergency Service are all taking part in the challenge.

�We�re hoping this challenge will help by inspiring emergency service personnel and other people living in Midland and the surrounding area to donate blood to help combat this shortage,� blood service spokeswoman Jessica Willet said.

�Winter is always a difficult time for blood donations because you need to be feeling 100 per cent well to donate.

�We�re concerned that the flu season could result in a drop in donations.

�Patients fighting cancer, infections and blood diseases are relying on donated blood to keep them healthy throughout winter. It only takes one hour to donate blood and help to save lives.�

Ms Willet said emergency service workers see the benefits of blood donation every day through their work, but you don�t need to be a professional lifesaver to help save lives this winter.

�If you�ve escaped the cold and flu season and are feeling 100 per cent healthy you may be eligible to donate,� she said.

�Follow the lead of our emergency service workers and help to save lives this winter.�

Call 13 14 95 or visit donateblood.com.au