Guildford Grammar student named finalist for film about WWI, which he dedicated to his grandmother

STORIES on the atrocities of World War II told by his grandmother, are the inspiration behind a young filmmaker’s movie Dulce et decorum est, pro patia mori which has been selected as a finalist for best drama in the renowned Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTAs).

Guildford Grammar student Harry Weston said he dedicated his movie to his grandmother Mary Weston who died earlier this month.

“She had played a significant role in my life, acting as a second mother and sadly passed away from cancer on November 8,” he said.

“She was always telling me stories she had experienced living as a young girl during World War II in England as well as her uncles during the wars.

“One story of her uncle being gassed in the trenches stuck with me. He suffered serious mental and physical wounds from being gassed which really acted as a catalyst for me understanding the utter horror of WWI.

“In my film I wanted to do my best to realistically, without glorifying war, portray the hideous nature of WWI.

Mr Weston said his grandmother would provide constructive criticism of his film.

“She’s actually in the film, a photo of a three year old Mary Weston is featured in the trenches, and she is also the grandmother to three of the actors in the film too,” he said.

“It felt imperative to dedicate the film to her.”

Mr Weston said dreams of a career as a director came at an early age.       

“Ever since I was two years old and first watched Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings I was obsessed with becoming a filmmaker,” he said.

The BUFTAs is the largest competition of its kind for high school students in Australia and received more than 230 entries this year. Judges selected the top 19 nominees across six categories: animation, comedy, drama, documentary, experimental, and music video.

The top prize will see the Best Overall Filmmaker receive a full scholarship to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Bond University.

Television presenter, producer, radio host and media personality, James Mathison will host the 22nd annual Gala Award Ceremony, at Bond University on November 25.