Guildford residents have won their fight against McDonald’s with the fast food giant confirming they have withdrawn their appeal to the SAT

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“This is particularly frustrating given a previously approved development on this site provided far less parking than our proposal.

“We ask for the same consideration as any other developer and for our sites to be considered against relevant planning requirements.

“This restaurant would have employed more than 100 people from the local area and provided a number of other economic benefits.”

Guildford Association president Barbara Dundas said the site should remain a carpark.

“Cautiously we can be very pleased with this withdrawal of the development application,” she said.

“We objected on the grounds that there would be insufficient parking for both the Guildford Hotel and the McDonalds, it would create a traffic hazard at a busy intersection and the design of the building did not conform with the City of Swan’s Guildford Conservation Policy.

“We believe it would be almost impossible to put a development on that site that would not cause traffic and parking problems for the community.

“It should remain the hotel carpark.”

Mrs Dundas said the town should be heritage listed.

“We are delighted that the City of Swan have now started the process for possible State Heritage listing of Guildford,” Mrs Dundas said.

“We hope such registration would limit future inappropriate design in the historic town, as the total context of the town would have to be considered.”