Health Minister backs St John of God Health Care to provide quality service at Midland public hospital

I DID hear on the airwaves this morning – thanks Roger

(Opposition Health spokesman Roger Cook) – some comments about the fact that people in this region weren’t that keen on having the private sector run this hospital.

And as you know, this

Government has been very strong in doing public private partnerships in developing our hospitals.

But I think if you said to the people of Joondalup we were going to take that away, you’d have a riot on your hands

because the quality of service provided through Joondalup Hospital is excellent.

And here we have St John of God, who are renowned throughout Western Australia for the quality of service they provide, being partners with Government in this new


And what we will have for

people in Midland and the

region is the ability to… get it (St John of God Midland

service) here free to the public where there are no costs, where they can come and enjoy that quality service.

n WA Health Minister Kim Hames speaking at the opening of St John of God Midland Public Hospital last Friday.