Hills training gives top fighter a kick

BRUCE “The Preacher” MacFie is in Perth to defend his title as the number one middle-weight kick boxer in the world.

He is training in Kalamunda and the fight is scheduled for Saturday, November 14 in Lesmurdie at the Ray Owen Sports Centre.

The veteran kick boxer with 153 fights under his belt has been using the training facilities at the Kalamunda Kickboxing and Martial Arts Centre in Walliston.

The 35-year-old athlete started in the sport when he was just 15 in Queensland, his home state. Since then he has travelled the world to compete and is known for dying his hair different colours before a match.

He is set to fight WA’s Adam Bailey.

MacFie said his regime of training, diet and fitness had kept him at the top of his game since 2007.

“It’s good to be back in Perth, and training here in the Hills,” he said.

Kalamunda Kickboxing owner Murray McKechnie said MacFie was known for his entertaining and marketable fight style.

“He is also renowned for his aggressive technique in the ring,” he said.

MacFie said he hopes to spend six months in Perth this year. “I have come here to fight but also to be a role model for youth in the area, especially troubled youth,” he said.

“This sport gives young people discipline and control when they are at an age that can spin them out of control.

“I trained for three weeks at the age of 15 and then had my first fight and won it, so it doesn’t take long to get fit.”

Organisers are expecting a crowd of about 1000 people to view the fight.

Email info@kalamundakickboxing.com.au for tickets.