‘I’ve won the bloody Lotto’: Forrestfield battler claims $2.6m Lotto prize

‘I’ve won the bloody Lotto’: Forrestfield battler claims $2.6m Lotto prize

A TRADESMAN from Forrestfield is $2.6 million richer after discovering last Saturday’s Division 1 winning Lotto ticket in the back pocket of his work pants.

The man, aged in his 50s, had just finished working a double shift when his daughter rang to ask if he had bought a Lotto ticket from Newburn Newsagency in High Wycombe.

“She’d seen on the news that Lotterywest was still on the hunt for the winner almost a week later,” the man said.

“I told her I’d get around to checking it but she wouldn’t hang up until I agreed to do it then and there.”

The man said he then spent the next 30 minutes searching for the ticket before realising it had been in his back pocket the entire time.

“I was pretty cranky by that stage,” he said.

“I’d just worked an 18 hour day and she had me running around like a headless chook.”

The man said he checked the numbers off one by one before realising he had the six winning numbers.

“I’ve won the bloody Lotto,” he told his daughter.

“After 30 years of playing I’ve won the bloody thing.”

Lotterywest spokeswoman Pina Compagnone said the $2.6 million windfall comes ahead of next week’s $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot.

“Here in the west we’re averaging a Division 1 Lotto win each and every week,” she said.

“Certainly we hope that carries through to the $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot.”

So far this year Lotterywest has supported organisations such as Foodbank and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

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