Midland: drummers will close Totally Huge New Music Festival

Midland: drummers will close Totally Huge New Music Festival

A COLOSSAL percussion concert involving 100 musicians will be held at the iconic Midland Railway Workshops for the closing event at this year’s Totally Huge New Music Festival.

Tura New Music artistic director Tos Mahoney said American composer Michael Pisaro’s work A wave and waves would be a unique listening experience, with the audience sitting amongst the performers.

“Four Speak Percussion artists will be joined by 96 local percussionists,” he said.

“It’s a massive undertaking to produce a work of this monumental scale.

“Colossal percussive waves will be created by layers of imperceptibly soft sound.

“Things like sandpaper on stone, seeds falling on glass, bowed bells—it’s really captivating.” Mr Mahoney said the Midland Railway Workshops was the perfect space to hold the ambitious performance.

“I love the ambience and the scale of the workshops, which is so rare in Perth with so many similar buildings having been knocked down,” he said.

“The few that have been left have either been repurposed for commercial or residential use.”

Totally Huge New Music Festival runs until October 29.

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