Midland man rips chunks of beard off another man during alleged train assault

A 23-YEAR-OLD Midland man has been charged with committing an indecent act in front of a female passenger on a Midland-bound train.

The alleged incident occurred yesterday, when the man also allegedly assaulted a transit guard who approached him.

The incident occurred about 3.30pm.

The guard and other passengers restrained the man, at which point he grabbed the beard of an assisting civilian and refused to let go, ripping out chunks of the beard.

On arrival at the Midland train station, it is alleged the man continued to lash out and kicked another train passenger.

Police arrested the man, who has also been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of common assault, obstructing public officers, disorderly conduct, aggravated burglary and committing an offence in a dwelling and stealing.