Miss Maud’s Coffee Bean Poll predicts Liberal win

The final results are in.
The final results are in.

THE beans have spoken – Scott Morrison will take home the cake on election night.

The reputation of Miss Maud’s Coffee Bean Poll has risen like a souffle over the years, correctly predicting 10 of the last 11 elections.

Every bean dropped by Miss Maud’s customers into one of the beakers at her 18 Perth coffee houses has played its part in the final results with a smorgasbord of options for voters to consider.

The final tally for Miss Maud’s Coffee Bean Poll comprised almost 32,000 beans and shows a clear appetite for the Liberal Party at 39.6 per cent followed by Labor at 28.4 per cent, Greens and Others both at 10.3 per cent, One Nation at 5.4 per cent, Clive Palmer’s United Australia at 3.7 per cent and Nationals at 2.3 per cent.

Maud Edmiston, the woman behind Swedish restaurant chain, began the Coffee Bean Poll as a bit of fun, back in 1996 when she launched the Morning Tea Party of WA.

“Miss Maud customers are following the time-honoured tradition of digesting important issues and having their say in our Perth coffee houses,” she said.

“The poll provides a simple visual way to encourage everyone to join into our massive community conversation and to have their say in a relaxed way.

“It’s been a tradition for many years among savvy politicians to stop by Miss Maud’s coffee houses to take the nation’s temperature and see whether the beans are stacking up in their favour.”

In addition to the results of the poll, thousands of customers have indicated their three main concerns which included cost of living, health services, the economy, environment and climate change, jobs, national security, immigration and education and training.