Mt Pleasant’s Arielle one of youngest ever recipients of Licentiale in Music

MT Pleasant teenager Arielle Lu is rapidly running out of musical achievements after recently earning a distinction for Licentiateship piano performance exam with the Trinity College of London.

Typically attempted by final year university students, Licentiateship performance exams consist of a 40-50 minute recital of repertoire spanning all the way from the Baroque period to the 20th century.

They are well known for their high standard and demanding nature and at just 13-years-old, Arielle is among the youngest pianists in the world to achieve her Licentiate in Music.

“The exam was very nerve-wracking but also really exciting because I had the opportunity to showcase my talent to the examiners,” she said.

“When I was walking into the hall my legs were shaking but then when I sat down at the piano I felt calm and in control.”

Former concert pianist and Winthrop resident Josephine Symons, who helped the young protege unlock the emotion and tone behind each piece of music, prepared Arielle for the exam.

“The biggest difference between Josephine and other teachers is that she is not just interested in the notes, she doesn’t just want clever fingers and a clever mind,” Arielle said.

“She does a lot interpretation and draws you into the meaning behind each note.”

The Licentiateship is the latest in a long line of key musical milestones Arielle has surpassed far ahead of time.

At age eight, she completed the Australian Music Examinations Board grade eight piano practical exam, which is typically attempted by students over the age of 15.

When she was 11 Arielle achieved a distinction in her associate diploma with the Trinity College of London and she is currently on a full scholarship with All Saints’ College where she is completing the Year 11 music WACE course.

“I really want to be a pharmacist or a dentist one day but would also like to be a musician at the same time,” she said.