Mundaring Police offer to return marijuana plant they found

Stock pic.
Stock pic.

MUNDARING police have kindly offered to return a marijuana plant they uprooted from a local home they visited yesterday in relation to another matter.

“Is this your potplant?” they wrote.

“If so, please call us at Mundaring on 9290 1900.

“We pulled out your funny Christmas tree when we visited your home today to discuss a stealing matter.”

Many comments on the viral post suggested it was probably a good thing police took the plant as it obviously needed a thorough water.

If he/she don’t pick it up, will it be available on the next police auction for unclaimed items,” one person wrote. 

“Someone, unfortunately, stole that from me, when can I pick it up?” another quipped.

While no one has taken police up on the offer to retrieve the plant, the post has gone viral with more than 255 shares.