Musician on a mission to establish thriving live music scene in Perth Hills

Sian McMillan & Shaun Coffey. Photo: Bruce Hunt
Sian McMillan & Shaun Coffey. Photo: Bruce Hunt

KALAMUNDA musician Sian McMillan is on a mission to develop a thriving live music scene in the Perth Hills that will rival Fremantle and the city.

Ms McMillan said there was a lack of venues in the region for emerging and original artists to perform.

“In 2016 I started Ladybird Music Productions as an independent record label tailored for smaller artists,” she said.

“I was looking for artists to record so I figured the best way to find new, emerging and original artists was to get out and see them play.

“I found myself having to constantly trek 30 or 40 minutes to see original Perth bands in Fremantle and Perth and wondered why there was nothing happening up here in the Hills.

“The Hills always struck me as a place that is supportive of the arts and there are so many talented young people up here but still there’s no outlet.

“There’s the odd festival or event but nothing consistent, there’s no circle, no scene.

“So I made it my mission to start one.”

Ms McMillan said her biggest hurdle was finding venues.

“A lot of venues had potential but maybe the location wasn’t right or they weren’t interested in my vision,” she said.

“My second biggest hurdle has been finding support in the community and with bands.

“A lot of people agree with what I’m doing but in order to support live music, it’s up to the people to fill the venues.”

Ms McMillan said the Kalamunda Hotel had jumped on board and agreed to host local bands each month.

“We held a successful event at the Kalamunda last Friday and the bands were freaking amazing,” she said.

“The next event will be on February 22 and we have a really good line up of Perth bands including Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics, Flyball Gov’nor and Freehand.

“I am also putting on a family-friendly Summer Sundowner at Araluen Botanical Park on February 2 and have some top Perth bands playing including headliners The Hunting Birds.”