Nursing big ambitions

Originally from Nigeria, she first made the move to Perth and has now completed the move from nursing to medicine.

Dr Olaosebikan said she had always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but nursing was also a great career choice.

�I loved being a nurse and it was quite a difficult decision to give it up, but medicine kept calling,� she said.

�So after six months, I did the exams to pursue a degree in medicine. It has been a big step and a very challenging journey from nursing in terms of workload and responsibility, but I�m loving every minute of it.

�I love the adrenalin rush of working in the emergency response department; time goes by so quickly.�

Dr Olaosebikan has called Perth home for the past 13 years.

She was living with her family in Oman in the Middle East, where her father worked as an oil engineer, before taking the solo journey to WA.

�It�s funny because I lived in Oman for four years and spoke about one word of Arabic,� she said.

�To be accepted into university there, you must speak the language.

�I looked at a lot of English speaking universities around the world, but Australia�s curriculum was very similar to the British system and it was a great opportunity.�

Dr Olaosebikan said she would likely pursue a career in obstetrics, which combined her love of surgery and medical principles.