Public to vote on new suburb name around the Forrestfield train station

An aerial view of the new Forrestfield train station.
An aerial view of the new Forrestfield train station.

BERKOCOMBE, Highfield and BurbieMcBurbface haven’t made the shortlist after residents were given the rare opportunity to name the new suburb around the Forrestfield Train Station in High Wycombe.

The short-listed names are Katadjen, Smokebush, Koorliny, Quenda Grove and Munday.

Katadjen is a combination of the Noongar words meaning hill (Kata) and foot (djen), in recognition of the area’s location at the base of the escarpment.

Munday was a Noongar leader who led the Beeloo people in 1929 and whom the nearby Munday Swamp is named after.

Smokebush is a rare flora found throughout the area and Quenda Grove is a nod to the native fauna that inhabit the area.

Koorliny is the Noongar term for movement as in coming or going home, in recognition of the area’s location as a travel hub.

The new suburb is the area bounded by Berkshire Road, Roe Highway and Poison Gully Creek in Forrestfield and High Wycombe.

The area, currently referred to as the Forrestfield North District Structure Plan precinct, is undergoing major changes, with plans for medium-high density residential housing, new roads, 20 hectares of public open space, primary school and a community hub.

Mayor John Giardina said the City of Kalamunda had been working with the community for several years to develop a vision for the area surrounding the new train station.

“During consultation, our community shared concerns regarding a name for the area,” he said.

“We listened to this feedback and in 2018 invited our community to share their name ideas.

“We had a fantastic response, with many residents eager to help share the future of the area they call home.

“Together with Landgate and the State Governments of Australia, we reviewed all submissions and developed a short-list for our community to vote on.”

Voters also have the option to retain the existing suburb names of Forrestfield and High Wycombe.

The winning name will see its applicant win a $500 prize.

The Forrestfield Airport Link is expected to be completed in second half of 2021.

Voting closes 24 May 2019.

To vote, go to