Quick detective work recovers stolen vehicle

An ATV similar to the one that was stolen.
An ATV similar to the one that was stolen.

Eddie Peters, managing director of the Honda Shop on Morrison Road said police responded swiftly to his report of the theft on Tuesday and within hours had recovered the ATV.

‘They did a great job. I just wanted to say ‘thanks guys’,’ Mr Peters said.

He said police often received bad publicity but the local business community was grateful for their continued support.

‘An all-out effort was made by police to recover this vehicle,’ he said.

Mr Peters said the Honda Shop’s closed-circuit video surveillance equipment recorded the theft from in front of the premises.

The ATV was later recovered from the backyard of a Patterson Drive home in Middle Swan.

It is understood two youths are under police investigation over the theft.

Mr Peters said the entire community needed to get behind local police in their bid to cut crime and anti-social behaviour across the region.