Raw deal worth thinking about

Allira Morrison. Picture: Bruce Hunt d408532
Allira Morrison. Picture: Bruce Hunt d408532

Moving away from processed foods and taking meals back to their most basic form, adopting a raw food lifestyle has been hailed for its reputed nutritional and health benefits.

The paleo diet is based upon eating foods that our ancestors would have thrived on during the Paleolithic era, or stone age.

‘It’s food in its simplest form ” uncooked or not heated above 40C, ‘ said Helena Valley Sweets and Treats owner Noelene Lynch.

‘It is living food, like fruit and vegetables, with living enzymes, not what you buy in a packet from supermarkets.’

Laila Gampfer established the brand Rawsome when she was looking for a gluten-free alternative that fitted with her nutritional plan.

‘Raw food products on the market continually disappointed me so I began to experiment and discovered ingredients in their raw state could, with a bit of creativity, be transformed into indulgent, healthy treats,’ Ms Gampfer said.

‘Initially, the experimentation was for my own palate and diet but soon my treats were gaining popularity with friends and family, and more and more people were commenting on the potential for a business.

‘There was a strong awareness of the correlation between nutrition and health, so creating products that people could enjoy while staying healthy became important.’

The products are stocked at Sweets and Treats on Scott Street where owner Ms Lynch said there was a big demand.

‘We also stock cheese fake, which is very popular among people who like this diet,’ Ms Lynch said.

‘There are more and more people eating this diet in the Hills and the rest of Perth.’