Road Safety Commissioner calls on drivers to stay focused on roads over WA Day long weekend

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia.
Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia.

ROAD Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia has urged WA drivers to remain focused on the roads this long weekend.

In 2016, there were 27 fatal crashes involving distractions as a cause, and the cost of these crashes to the WA community was more than $212 million.

“The message is clear, that distraction behind the wheel is a risk to yourself, your passengers and other road users,” Mr Papalia said.

“Plan your journey, keep your eyes on the road, turn off the phone and plan entertainment for the kids to ensure you arrive safely at your destination.”

Road Safety Commission research has found that even though 90 per cent of WA drivers agree that it is not OK to text behind the wheel, 57 per cent of those respondents still use their phone while driving.

“If you’re one of those people who feel compelled to reach for the phone when you hear a chime, just turn it off, put it on silent or lock it in the boot,” Mr Papalia said.

“Your family and friends will understand that your response is delayed because you are being safe and you are keeping others safe on the roads.”

Motorists caught using their phones this long weekend, when which double demerit points apply to reinforce the message, will be fined $400 and lose six demerit points.

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