Days are numbered for Bellevue wheat silo

THE Public Transport Authority has reiterated its intention to remove a wheat silo from the site between Robinson Road and Lloyd Street, Bellevue.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority previously rejected the feasibility of the old silo being retained or heritage-listed.

PTA spokeswoman Claire Krol said the PTA had long identified the portion of land in Bellevue as a strategic location for an urban railcar depot. The site is in an area zoned commercial and industrial.

The land is currently leased to Brookfield and is used for rail-related purposes, and has a long history as a rail facility.

Co-operative Bulk Handling owns the wheat silo on the land, which it is contractually bound to remove.

Ms Krol said it was also the PTA’s preference that the silo be removed.

“We want to maximise the long-term functionality of the site as a potential future railcar depot,” she said in a statement.

Bellevue Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Martin Chape said he was disappointed in the decision.

In late October, Heritage Minister Albert Jacob said the Heritage Council had resolved in September not to recommend the site for inclusion in the State Register of Heritage Places.

Mr Chape said this meant as long as photos of the building were recorded before it was knocked down, the building would be demolished.