Station upgrade for larger team


Officer in Charge of the Midland Police Station Craig Davis said a car parking area upgrade would be completed in two weeks and stage two of the renovations had gone out to tender.

‘Stage Two will cover the rest of the station, including updating the toilets and locker area,’ Snr-Sergeant Davis said.

Stage 2 is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

The renovations have been instigated as part of the preparations for the new policing model that will accommodate a large local Policing Team specifically focussed on local issues. This will be in addition to a dedicated response team that will attend to calls for immediate assistance by the public.

The station has been re-painted, is being fitted with new carpet and major upgrades to security.

The front counter has been completed with a more expansive reception area and an extra interview room has been added.

Sen Sgt Davis said the renovations would also provide a better service when assisting the public.

The station will have an increase in police officers as part of a trial process and some of these officers will form Local Policing Teams (LPTs). The LPTs, in addition to conducting criminal investigations, will focus on policing in specific suburbs. There will also be police assigned specifically to responding to calls for assistance by the members of the public.