Suspected arson destroys bus in Midvale

OWNERS of a bus hire company in Midvale say they will continue business as usual following the destruction of one of their buses in a suspected arson attack this morning.

Dingo Bus Hire owner Sue Reid got a call from police just before 4am, notifying her that two of her buses were alight.

One bus was gutted and the other was externally damaged.

Fire fighters were at the scene at 3.24am and managed to have the fire under control within 30 minutes.

The damage to the Volvo buses is estimated at $45,000.

Ms Reid�s company has been in the Midvale are for eight years, ferrying kids to school and in partnership with another local company running ghost tours in Midland.

The buses that were damaged were set to take kids to school and take some others to swimming lessons.

The destroyed bus had its seats replaced three weeks ago.

�It was the two that were parked at the front of the building which are older buses, not to say they�re not worth anything to us

�It�s completely random as far as we can see, we can�t think of any reason and don�t know anyone with a grudge against us,� Ms Reid said.

�We still covered the school runs and the swimming lessons so all we can do is keep going.�

There were three cars set alight in arson attacks on Sayer Street and Charles Street in Midland last November, while an accidental fire burnt cars at a Bellevue auto wrecker in March.

A scrub fire in February 2014 near the velodrome in Midvale was also a suspected arson.