The Joy Sanctuary Offers Hope to Cancer Survivors

The Joy Sanctuary. Picture: David Baylis
The Joy Sanctuary. Picture: David Baylis

THE Joy Sanctuary has offered cancer survivor Rachel Davies Burrows an opportunity to live a more authentic life and follow her joy.

After being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in 2011, Rachel said after going through treatment she got to a place where “she was really grateful for her life and accepting of death” and then she started to get better.

“I started working in administration in a job but it was not fulfilling and decided I wanted to work in an area that brought me joy,” she said.

Hence The Joy Sanctuary was born and is about to have its one-year anniversary in Canning Road, Kalamunda opposite the IGA.

“Since then I have been trying to live a more authentic life and follow my passion,” she said.

The Joy Sanctuary has been offering offered yoga, meditation, bespoke goods for sale and cards and books, candles and jewellery.

“We offer workshops as well for fermenting drinks like kombucha tea, art therapy, organic gardening classes and gong sound bath meditation,” she said.

On Saturday, February 20, The Joy Sanctuary will offer three local artisans Kevin Pampling, Katherine Tribbick and Alyssa Curtayne.

Each one has a different area of specialty. Pampling has written a book and works as a photographer. Tribbick is a naturopath who has invented massage sticks which emanate fragrance depending on what the person needs at the time. And Curtayne has created a seven-series set of chakra cards that can be used with a Chakra journal and an online course for those unable to get to the Canning Road location.

“It’s not so much as a money-making venture but to support some of the amazing people in the community and it really aligns with my vision for The Joy Sanctuary,” Rachel said.

The sessions are free on February 20 and start at 2.30pm.

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