WA Election: Hanson’s Midland visit proves a flop

Pauline Hanson is greeted by shoppers in Midland last week. Picture: Sarah Brookes.
Pauline Hanson is greeted by shoppers in Midland last week. Picture: Sarah Brookes.

A LAST-minute trip to the eastern suburbs failed to save One Nation leader Pauline Hanson at the ballot box despite predictions the party would poll strongly there.

Ms Hanson received an enthusiastic welcome at Midland Gate shopping centre the day before the State Election, as shoppers swarmed around the controversial leader hoping for a chat and a selfie.

Murdoch University political lecturer Ian Cook said Ms Hanson’s week-long visit to Perth did not help the party.

“She seemed not to have done much homework before she came,” he said.

“I think you’d have to say that One Nation blew it.

“The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers ended up with more of the protest vote than One Nation and the lack of competence here will be noticed in other parts of the country.”

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ABC election analyst Antony Green said One Nation polled 4.7 per cent of the State vote in the Lower House, but matched its most recent opinion poll figure by recording 8.1 per cent in the seats the party contested.

Mr Green said the underperformance of One Nation was in part due to the party not contesting every seat.

“The party is currently projected to elect only one member, its leader Colin Ticknell in South West Region and his victory is due to Liberal preferences,” he said.

“One Nation contested 35 of the lower house seats, though in four seats where One Nation appeared on the ballot paper, the candidate either resigned or was disendorsed before election day.”

Despite quitting One Nation a week out from the poll, Kalamunda candidate Ray Gould recorded 6.5 per cent of the vote. In Forrestfield One Nation candidate Jenny Bennett polled 9.5 per cent of the vote while in Midland Tony D’Angelo attracted 7.24 per cent of the vote.

One Nation polled 7.3 per cent in the East Metropolitan Region.