Young City of Swan carer praised

Young City of Swan carer praised

ONE of the younger carers in the City of Swan is 16-year-old Chejienna Frigula, who looks after her terminally ill mother Caroline.

Mrs Frigula said her daughter and 14-year-old son were both incredibly supportive and caring in helping around the house.

“There are so many things I can’t complete, so the kids do a lot of the day-to-day running of the house to help me,” she said.

“From hanging washing on the line to bending over and getting things out of the oven, there are duties I can’t perform for which the kids can help me enormously.”

Mrs Frigula also receives weekly help from Silver Chain.

Chejienna has been nominated in the Young People Who Care annual awards in recognition of her role caring for her mother while also completing her Year 11 studies.

“Next year will be hard because she is facing Year 12 and determined to get a high score in her WACE, so I am hoping we can juggle the study with her jobs around the house as well,” her mother said.

Diagnosed with breast cancer and metastasized cancer in her bones, Mrs Frigula must rest in bed most evenings.

“Walking and standing are difficult for me and Che is always there for me to help me stand up and let me lean on her,” she said.

“She has gone beyond expectations with her studies and I am very proud of her because I know she will be successful in life.

“She is very determined and anything she applies herself to she can achieve.”

Ms Frigula has two older daughters who have left home and are making their way in the world.

“I want the same for these two children, as long as they are happy and healthy is all I ask,” she said.

Chejienna is one of five finalists in the Young Carer category invited to attend a special award ceremony in Perth.