Youth Focus: Help shape bright future for youth

Youth Focus: Help shape bright future for youth

HUNDREDS of young West Australians with mental health issues will require extra intervention in early 2017, according to Youth Focus chief executive Fiona Kalaf.

As the Burswood-based mental health organisation launched its summer fundraising campaign, with the theme of Shaping Brighter Futures, Ms Kalaf highlighted issues associated with study.

“The start of the school year often elevates stress levels in students for whom school aggravates issues, including bullying, academic stress, loneliness and peer pressure,” she said.

“And this can be exacerbated in those students who lack the personal resilience to cope with these stressors.

“That is why it is so important that Youth Focus continues to have the professional capacity to meet demand and intervene early to ensure these young people can become resilient adults.”

Ms Kalaf said the organisation was appealing to the public to make a donation to help shape a brighter future for young people with mental health issues.

“Every $3000 raised will enable a young person to receive the average six months professional counselling that can make a positive difference to their lives,” she said.

“Your donations will be invaluable for the thousands of young people who will receive free face-to-face counselling next year and the people who will connect with Youth Focus through school and workplace education sessions.”

Youth Focus is a WA organisation that aims to help young people aged between 12 and 25 deal with mental health issues, and works to prevent suicide.

Ms Kalaf said almost 40 per cent of referrals to Youth Focus came through schools, with regional schools accounting for 64 per cent of those school referrals.

“Suicide is the leading cause of death for our children under the age of 18 and the leading cause of death for young adults aged 18 to 25,” she said.

“But our treatment model based on easy accessibility and early intervention unequivocally shows that young lives can be saved.

If you would like to donate, visit /donate or text the word ‘SHAPE’ to 0497 222 555.

n If you are a young person needing support, or if you know of someone who may need some help, call Youth Focus on 6266 4333.