A united effort fought fires

THE way local business and the community worked together during The Lakes bushfire makes a positive local story.

I live at The Lakes and my house was one of the nearest to the recent bushfire. If the wind had changed to a direct southerly, I believe I would have suffered severe loss at my property.

During the second flare up on Monday, January 19, the firefighters were running short of water. The BGC Quarry opened all its gates and had many fire tenders, tankers and fast attacks constantly refilling from the on-site quarry tanks.

Many local residents also sought shelter at the quarry.

The Pure Earth Recycling Company at the end of Horton Road, The Lakes, rushed water carts to the area also.

The helicopters were refilling from the closest dams and made multiple and very rapid round trips to stop the fire.

Without the firefighters on the ground and the Helitacs doing such a marvellous and dangerous job, I do not doubt there would have been several homes, sheds and business assets lost in the area.

The quarry offices and workshops were under imminent threat and staff were very grateful to have them saved.

On Friday, January 23, the firefighters are still putting out spot fires etcand obtaining water from the local area.

I am grateful for the wonderful job done by all who fought and provided assistance against the fire.