Aldi site in Kalamunda is too small

Aldi site in Kalamunda is too small

CALM minds, common sense and local community dialogue are needed regarding the proposed Aldi store in central Kalamunda.

The main issues are not what it is, but exactly where it is. This site is far too small for a very large warehouse-style store.

To even allow it there, some 230-year-old native trees that would obstruct the main entrance will be cut down.

Compared to the controversial Barber Street units, this very large building will be one and a half times as long and on average two-thirds the height, facing Mead Street.

It will compete directly for parking space with expansion of future park-and-ride from the bus station, linked with the new Forrestfield North-Maida Vale railway station in 2020; very attractive for easy access to central Perth (45 minutes), particularly for older people and others working elsewhere in the region, as well as incoming visitors.

Peter Forrest, Kalamunda.