Department of Planning’s Logic is Beyond Belief

I READ the article headlined “City on the Outer” with utter amazement that the Department of Planning is against the idea of businesses setting up operations such as the Chocolate Factory, Supa Golf, breweries and so forth in the Swan Valley, but instead to keep it as agricultural.

Do they not realise that businesses such as these are what made the Valley so popular? Are they desperately trying to kill tourism?

Do they not realise how many people go to the Swan Valley simply for things such as these? Do they think “agricultural” will attract anyone to visit the area?

Do they not realise that these venues have a “knock-on effect”? Such as going to the Chocolate Factory, then perhaps lunch at one of the restaurants dotted along West Swan Road and calling in for an ice cream at Oggi’s on the way home?

Do they wish to increase the rate of unemployment?

Is it the fact that Princess Mary went to the Chocolate Factory that brought the area to the “attention” of the department?

Surely, they should be happy that the Swan Valley is so popular, both with overseas tourists and locals alike.

Maybe they wish to “kill off” the Valley, so people will frequent Elizabeth Quay. Their logic beggars belief.

Let’s hope the department never attempt to revoke the licences granted to these businesses to operate.