Comments rile

I TAKE exception to the comments reportedly made by Rosehill Waters general manager Sandra Bransby in the article in the August 26 edition headlined ‘Group’s behaviour reprehensible, says Rosehill GM’. As one of those who did not want to see the golf course go, I point out a couple of facts.

Golfers came a long way to play on a course they found suitable to their health and enjoyment needs.

I have met people from interstate who travelled here and always played golf at Rosehill, in addition to country people when they were in the area. Golfers from other suburbs formed clubs to play at Rosehill.

Yes, some of us do live next to the course and enjoy that.

Therefore, it is easy to see how a 4000-signature petition was presented to council.

We have not been ‘deceiving the public over the issue of aircraft noise’. It is a fact, as those who live in the area know well. And no, we did not bully people who disagreed with us.

I fail to see that the amenities the development will provide are greater than the amenities of a golf course or public open space properly cared for.

It’s interesting to read in other reports that Guildford Primary is already teaching more students than it is gazetted to do and it is not able to increase its size. One wonders where the public primary schoolchildren from the development will go to school.

Please, no more slurs.

CAROL DAVY, South Guildford